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Prophetic Art and Faith
with Lula Adams

Comments about Faith Colors

It’s one thing to say we have faith and another to live it through prayer, trust, obedience to those nudges from the Holy Spirit, and passion for Jesus. Faith Colors brings living, active faith to life through the colors of the rainbow, showing the beauty and power of walking in the Spirit each day—each moment. The inspiring personal stories reveal the rewards of pressing on through struggles that often tempt us to give up on God ever answering our prayers. I recommend this book to anyone who craves a fresh perspective on how to put faith in action.

 -Jeanette Hanscome, Author of Want More? Joy

Lula tells the testimonies just as they are, humble, yet majestic, without any exaggeration. She shows that God works through ordinary people and can turn any circumstance into an opportunity for His glory. The love of Christ shines through the author as she retells stories of real people, keeping fresh the testimony of the Lamb. I recommend this book to people who dare to be touched in unexpected ways.

Jeni Lowery, Aesthetician


Faith Colors takes you on an amazing journey through the multi-dimensions of faith. Lula Adams uses the richness and uniqueness of color to demonstrate the many aspects of faith. The vibrancy of each color perfectly demonstrates the subtle nuances our faith can take. The testimonies interwoven within the book continue to build and show the power faith has to transform our lives. You will be inspired as I was and be looking for ways to take your ability to make decisions by faith to the next level.

 -Holly Brunson, Research Scientist 


Lula's artistic talent is showcased not only in her colorful and poignant drawings, but also in her skill in weaving her poetry, artwork, and personal testimonies together to create a beautiful tapestry of God's love and power. I found several instances where the book impacted my life by bringing me revelation and clarity. I heartily recommend it.

 -Linda Wilkerson, Ministry Student 


After reading Faith Colors a second time, I recognized the sin of fear in my life. I had never considered that I was telling God I didn’t believe he could take my fears away (another act of lacking faith). Since this was revealed to me, I stop to give my fears up to God whenever they occur. I’m learning that God wants us to be happy and to enjoy what he does for us.

  -Faunie Jones, Retired Teacher


Surprised by Lula’s book, Faith Colors, I learned much about this private woman and her life. Obviously, the book is about her “living faith” and the faith that others can have, for she longs to share it. By nature, I am a logical and scheduled person that is why I was intrigued with Lula’s creative take on faith. She stirred up the creativity that God put inside me, and I will look at my faith/colors with a different mindset now.

  -Terri Wallace, Homemaker


Great book! My favorite part of the book was the way Lula Adams incorporated the poetry into the theme. She has such a grace with words. Sentences like, “So as the bottom of the rainbow is purple holding up all the other colors, our belief that we can go to our Father in heaven in times of need will hold us up in time of trial,” leave me with a “wow” response. She mixes faith & fear, trust & anxiety in such a way that only leads to the Father.

  -Jillian Barbutti, Homemaker

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