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  • Spirit Victory

    Posted on October 8th, 2014 lula 11 comments

    Ever wonder why Moses wasn’t the man God chose to lead his people into the Promised Land? He was the man who led the people out of Egypt. His faithfulness in witnessing to Pharaoh was awesome. He gave Israel the Law. He interceded when it looked like Israel’s rebellion was beyond God’s mercy. He was the instrument God used to bring forth miracles that still inspire awe today. Yet, Moses was taken home rather than chosen to lead the children of Israel into their promised home. One act sealed his fate. He stuck a rock twice in anger in order to release water to a thirsty and whiny people instead of speaking to the rock. He called the people rebels. It is clear that God was dishonored by these actions because the Bible clearly says so. But, why was striking a rock in anger such a terrible thing?

    I think we can agree that it’s not a good idea to add a disrespectful attitude when you are delivering a blessing (the water) from God. It gives people the impression that God is outraged too. Would God give a blessing in anger? Would He give a gift with one hand, and a punch in the gut with the other? Have you ever received a gift from someone who did not want to give it to you? Can you remember receiving a piece of candy from a sibling or a friend only because Mother said they had to share? Is candy sweeter with love added to it? Moses also called them rebels. We all know that nasty names hurt, even if we deserve it.

    Now if we stop digging for more understanding, we may be just fine. If we remember to get our hearts right with God before we try to minister in His name, and if we stop calling others nasty names, we and our peeps will be happier.

    But there’s more. If we stop digging for more truth we may be missing out on a deeper understanding that could launch us into leadership that could help bring a whole generation into their Promised Land.

    Moses was totally into rescue. This is good. Jesus is into rescue too as his death on the cross demonstrates. But, Jesus did not stay on the cross. He rose up from the grave to give us a new life, a life transformed by the power He put within us, Holy Spirit. Jesus changed our identity from sinner to saint. Followers of Jesus need to identify with rescue and transformation, His death and His resurrection. No longer a sinner, but a saint.

    How can a people move forward into victory after victory if they are called rebels by their leaders? Can a rebellious army conquer and win a victory? Previous rebellions had left a lasting impression on Moses. He lacked a revelation of the identity of the new generation that was rising out of the ashes of the old. The slave generation died in the desert. The new generation was born free. They needed leadership that gazed over the people and saw a powerful and mighty nation ready to obey God and conquer the land. God choose Joshua, a man who although born a slave, could see from the beginning of the journey that giants could be conquered by his powerful and mighty God.

    This generation needs leaders that can visualize themselves as victorious and free, and who can see beyond former defeat. The people of God need to know they can walk in their new identify in Christ. We have a conquering Christ who transforms the lives of His saints.

    God’s people are free and complete in Christ. This is their identity. This is spirit victory.

    God told Joshua to be determined, strong, and confident, not fearful or discouraged.  God promised to be with him.

    Jesus speaks this same message to His leaders, to all His people today.

    Be determined, strong, and confident, not fearful or discouraged. I am with you.

    Pass it on.

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