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  • Ocean Breeze

    Posted on February 13th, 2015 lula No comments












    Let the wind of the Spirit

    Blow upon you,

    Set your spirit

    Free to fly.

    A longing in my heart began to stir. I longed go to the ocean to feel the cool sea breeze upon my face, to watch the waves crash against the rocks of the northern coast of California, and to take photos of the lighthouses near Fort Bragg. I love taking my shoes off and allowing the gentle waves wash over my feet as I walk along the shore. I wanted to paint a prophetic picture while looking at the Pacific Ocean. I decided to go, with Jesus.

    All things are possible with God.

    Loving Jesus.
















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  • Burning Bush

    Posted on January 17th, 2015 lula 4 comments

    The burning bush represents a call activated, a call to action.

    Moses was tending his father-in-law’s sheep and goats on Mount Sinai when he saw a supernatural sight, a bush that burned but was not consumed by the flames. He turned aside to get a closer look and heard the voice of God calling his name.

    Moses was a man destined for greatness. He was saved by an Egyptian princess and raised in the pharaoh’s household. But, when he saw the injustice his people suffered, he killed an Egyptian and fled for his life. He lived quietly as a shepherd for many years in a distant land. One day the great I AM called his name from the flames in the midst of a burning bush. God called Moses into a destiny far greater than any pharaoh ever achieved. He led a nation of slaves into freedom.

    Underneath this painting is picture of a burning bush I painted seven years ago. That picture had red, orange, and yellow flames. I felt Holy Spirit inviting me to paint over it, to create a new picture. I followed the lead of Holy Spirit and used only red, orange, and yellow. But, this time I drew blossoms. I added iridescent gold paint that made the colors shimmer with light. Finally I added a touch of blue. I loved this new picture so much more than the old one. I looked at it and asked the Lord for a title. Did I hear “Burning Bush?”  The “Burning Bush” restored?

    I painted this picture on New Year’s Day, 2015. I wondered about the significance of this picture in relationship to the first day of the new year. I posted this picture on Prophetic Arts for Jesus, a group on Facebook, and asked for feedback. After reading their response, and prayerfully considering the meaning of this picture, I concluded my painting is indeed called, “Burning Bush.” It speaks about the coming year, 2015.

    The burning bush is a miracle, a supernatural occurrence through which God spoke to Moses, a man who didn’t feel adequate or capable in two ways. He lacked power and a voice. God gave him a staff that had miraculous power. He told him that He would help him speak and even tell him what to say. And when that still wasn’t enough, God gave him a companion, his brother Aaron to help him. God promised to help both of them to speak. He indeed provided.

    The call was to rescue a people locked into slavery, a people who were crying out to God from the heavy burdens of the oppression of bondage.

    So, Moses went in faith to Egypt to rescue the Hebrews with the promise of power and a voice. He led God’s people into freedom.

    Here is a type of shadow of things to come, things that have arrived, and are coming forth.

    Today the burning bush is the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus. God has provided the power of Holy Spirit who gives his believers a voice. The power and voice are one in Holy Spirit.

    I have seen a vision of the resurrected Jesus and felt his love for the lost. Jesus was in the dirt for the love of mankind. Jesus is in the miracle of the resurrection calling out, “Go and rescue my people who are crying out from the oppression of slavery to sin. Bring them into the promised land, into freedom from sin!”

    All who have ears, let them hear.

    Jesus will have a glorious harvest of souls this year.


  • Found in Glory

    Posted on February 7th, 2012 lula 4 comments

    I stood quietly taking pictures in the midst of a band of wild horses that grazed on the side of a mountain.  Suddenly, I noticed a stirring and dust flying in the distance, near the creek below. I hurried to move toward what I expected to be another band of horses. As I got closer, I stopped to look. Out of the dust I spotted a beautiful roan stallion running toward me. I seized this opportunity and counted on my camera to capture all the action. The creek was full of water and the leaves all around were a bright green, a beautiful background for him. He ran toward me and stopped about 50 feet in front of me where a palomino mare and her lovely foal stood. He stared straight at me with nostrils flared, his eyes intense, and his ears pointed. He nudged the mare to move, but she just kicked him with her hind legs. I loved it. I did not intimidate her, nor did he. She wasn’t moving, and neither was I, at first.

    He ran again and I shot pictures that showed off his love of freedom. When he returned, he gazed intently at me again. He did this several times while I joyfully captured him in his glory. Then, I actually noticed that when he stopped in front of me, each time he was getting closer and closer. Oh! I felt a chill run through me when I realized he was challenging me. I threw a small rock in his direction thinking that perhaps this would startle him enough to distract him. He didn’t budge. I tried again. Nothing. Okay. I began to back off slowly. We both relaxed and moved on.

    I have named him Challenger.  I love the bold courage he displayed.

    I painted him in acrylics. This painting is called, Found in Glory. He is a flying horse.

    Challenger represents Christ in me, through whom I can do all things. The enemy must back off when I stand and believe.


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