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  • Break Out

    Posted on May 30th, 2014 lula 5 comments

    The Sovereign LORD has filled me with his Spirit.

    He has chosen me and sent me to bring good news to the poor,

    to heal the broken-hearted, to announce release to captives

    and freedom to those in prison (Isaiah 61: 1 GNT).


    Flying Free

    Break Out

    I lead you out of captivity and into the light of my presence.

    No more will any cage enclose around you with a loud clang, click.

    I give you wings that soar,

    That carry you into places of bliss,

    New frontiers without borders.


    My Spirit within you is your guide

    Who leads with the sweet fragrance of my presence,

    Gently, yet with intensity.


    My strength clothes you,

    My courage infuses you

    Into deep places of your heart

    Filling you to overflow

    In all you do.







    Laugh from deep within

    Spin and Shout!


    I am with you,

    I am with you,

    My love.

    Prophetic word inspired by Jesus

    Lula Adams


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    • Thank You so much Lula for following the Lord’s leading in your Art and Prophetic Word. I needed this touch today it has restored my Soul!

      You are a Blessing,


    • Blessings! I have great fondness to Isaiah 61:1 and love the title and work of “Break Out.”

      I would enjoy hearing the story behind “Break Out.” Of course, Holy Spirit was at work in bringing this work of art to reality but how did He bring it to pass :)

      More Blessings!!! Maria

      • The inspiration for the art was a prophetic word I heard the Lord speak to my heart. He is calling people to live in freedom all the time, far away from the things that imprison them. Breakthrough is just the beginning of victory. His people need to walk far away from temptation and the things that entrap them in this world. Break Out is a term the Lord gave me that tells what needs to follow breakthrough.
        The prophetic poem is a word Jesus gave me during my quiet time with Him.

    • nanette oleson

      This is my favorite piece. It has an awesome theme and the images conveyed is so powerful. May it set many captives free.

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