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  • He Goes Before You

    Posted on May 20th, 2013 lula 4 comments


    The Almighty Holy God is a consuming fire!

    A light that can never be extinguished and never was lit.

    Existing before time,

    Creating in love with a mighty gentle hand.

    He leads us with unfailing, faithful love

    Into hope.

    Hope is a sparkling star whose light is beyond measure

    An anchor that keeps us from drifting aimlessly.

    Hope takes us on a journey through the storm

    Beyond our imagination

    To the peaceful shore.


    Hope leads us into His eternal promises.


    Keep your eyes on Jesus, the hope of the nations.

    He goes before you.




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    • This is beautiful, Lula! Thank you!

    • Wow. I liked the picture and I loved your explanation that went with the picture. The anointing came through so beautifully. Thank you, Lula. I’m just sort o schmmoozing in the afterglow. I think the Holy Spirit liked the rendition you did of Him. As I admired it, and moved on to make this comment, He is still all over me! I’m just going to put my head down for a while and soak………

      • Thank you Georgann for your comments. You are beyond amazing in His sight. May the Lord bless you abundantly always. Love you, Lula

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