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  • God Loves Me

    Posted on November 5th, 2012 lula 4 comments

    Yes, may you come to know his love-although it can never be fully known- and so be completely filled with the very nature of God (Ephesians 3: 19 GNT).

    I woke up sad last week. I spent some time with Jesus, writing in my journal as usual. I received a word from Him that the end of the day would be better than the start. I took a walk around the Marina, and then I took a hike and photographed some wild horses… love being around them… but still, I felt so sad. So, I ate dinner. Immediately I had indigestion and pain. This was not unusual lately. My stomach did not receive food well for months. There’s nothing like pain to facilitate crying out to God for help. Clearly, I understood that I needed to do art. So I wiped my tears and applied ribbons of color on paper by faith. What would this picture become? I had no idea, but it felt so good to do art while worship music played in the background. I started drawing in one direction, then turned the paper another way. My concentration was intense. I knew the picture was nearly finished, yet still, I didn’t know what shape all the colors were forming. Finally, I completed the bottom right purple shape. I saw it formed a long heart. Then, I looked at the whole picture and exclaimed, “It’s a heart!” I laughed out loud! Jesus loves me! All my sadness and pain instantly disappeared as Holy Spirit filled me up with the realization of God’s amazing love. It took just a little more color on the top left to complete the heart.

    I look at this picture and smile at how clever Jesus is to call me to make a heart by faith! He told me, yet again, that He loves me! Yes, the end of the day was so much better. Joy is so much better than saddness. Thank you Jesus for your everlasting, forever, amazing love.

    He loves me. He loves you, too. Our heavenly Father doesn’t prefer one of His children over another. His love is more than enough for us all!

    I see seeds of faith planted in this heart overflowing with joy and freedom. What do you see?


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