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  • A Word About Prophetic Art

    Posted on August 30th, 2012 lula 5 comments

    God expresses love in an explosion of color and shapes.

    God is Love is my prophetic painting that features vibrant rainbow colors to form 3 shapes that swirl in motion to create an explosion of love.  When I painted this picture, the room was alive with God’s presence as worship music played in the background. I felt challenged to illustrate 3 shapes that were intricately connected yet visibly very different and unique. Yesterday, when I looked at this painting at an angle, I saw a wave of God’s glory captured in action. This painting illustrates a bit of the heavenly realm that can be felt in worship. His powerful presence stirs in me a shout of joy!

    I intentionally join with Christ to create prophetic art and move into heavenly realms.

    Following is a word I received from Jesus about prophetic art…

    It is a way to bring heaven to earth…
    to plant seeds of faith through vision…

    It shows my face to the world. Just as music touches the soul, art reaches into the soul and stirs my love and mercy.

    Prophetic art is done in union with me, and my blessings shine forth from it. It speaks to the heart, where I dwell. In prophetic art, I connect with the artist who produces a good work, a good deed in art. What is a good deed but a demonstration of my love? My art is a demonstration of my love, an expression of mercy and grace.

    Let me stir my answer in your art.

    Let me stir passion in you.

    Let worship come from deep places in your heart. To praise God’s glory is to spark life into you. To use art to express worship is to share worship.

    Sing into art and watch it stir up living water.

    In our union with Christ Jesus he raised us up with him to rule with him in the heavenly world (Ephesians 2:6 GNT).

    We join with Christ to create prophetic art and move into heavenly realms.


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    • Beautiful – The Trinity has always been presented to us as three separate entities with distinctive functions, yet One in Spirit and Being.
      This painting gives that sense of three-in-One!

      • I experience a powerful awareness of the Trinity in this painting. Thanks for your comment, Lois. I appreciate your sensitivity to the things of the Spirit. You are awesome!

    • What a lovely confirmation. The Lord is raising up an Army of Artists, that allow the Holy Spirit to guide their hands and leave a residual of anointing to change a soul forever!!! Blessings to you my sister!!! Thank you for an amazing word that confirms what the Lord has been whispering to me.

      Melissa Dumas Diegan
      Facebook/ Art on the Rock

    • Marilee Wildgrove

      Wow, Lula, I am so inspired by God and you! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!I really enjoy how you painted Our God, The great 3in One!!!

    • What can I add here, dear one? It is spoken clearly as we glimpse the “Three in One” in vibrant color and LIFE! It is very evident that You “intentionally join with Christ to create prophetic art and move into heavenly realms” and He has blessed you with being able to express His heart.

      Thank you and may blessings of His abundance spill out to you in all the colors He gives you!

      With my love and prayers,

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