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  • I Am Coming Soon

    Posted on February 8th, 2014 lula 2 comments

    “Listen!” says Jesus, “I am coming soon.” (Revelation 22: 7 GNT)

    I have become to come

    I am taking action.

    I am on the way.


    I am calling you to desire my coming,

    to desire my presence,

    to desire my will to be accomplished,

    to desire goodness, mercy, and justice.


    Trust in the Father,

    Believe His promises,

    Obey His call.


    Live in liberty- free from poverty of spirit.

    Live in peace, confidence, and courage.


    Believe I am the victorious One.

    Regardless of the corruption in the world you may see,

    The effects of sin you may experience,

    And the sadness you may feel,

    Know that I am coming soon…

    to rescue you and bring you

    into a place of rest,




    I am coming with joy that is deep and wide and high.

    I am coming with laughter that breaks down walls.

    I am coming with love that lasts into eternity.

    I have already won.


    I have already come,

    time is no barrier to me.

    I come with a prophetic word that establishes my promises

    and imparts hope.

    Believe the word… I am coming soon.


    I release the dance of joy.

    Twirl to the heavenly music.

    Sing with your heart turned toward heaven.


    I am coming soon.