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  • The Righteous One

    Posted on April 29th, 2013 lula 2 comments

    The Righteous One comes to destroy the works of the enemy. Clearly this horse is determined and will never fall back as shown on his facial expression. Everlasting songs are sung continuously in heaven and on earth with a shout of joy to tell of His valiant loyalty, faithfulness, and pure goodness. Those who follow Him with their whole heart testify boldly of His ability to rescue them when they are downtrodden, helpless, and hopeless. With a word of truth spoken in love He moves with purpose to rescue His beloved. He releases His power as it connects with the banner of prayer in faith.  The enemy’s works are truly shattered in the presence of God.

    Do you realize who is for you? Who can be against you?

    As you look at this courageous horse, what do you see?