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  • Love and Faithfulness

    Posted on October 16th, 2012 lula 10 comments

    Love and faithfulness will meet;

    righteousness and peace will embrace.

    Human loyalty will reach up from the earth

    and God’s righteousness will look down from heaven (GNT).

    The wonderful meeting these words foretold was fulfilled in Christ. He faithfully loved and obeyed our heavenly Father through the agony of sacrifice all the way to the cross.  Jesus rose from the dead to receive glory, honor, and power. Jesus is the author of  Christian faith. To those who will believe, He gives truth, freedom from sin, and a new blessed life.

    The horse on the left is a stallion and the one on the right is a mare. The stallion represents Jesus and the mare is His bride, the church. One of her eyes is hidden by her hair because her vision is beyond the natural world.

    Jesus calls us to love God and one another. Love cannot survive without faithfulness. Let us be faithful to God and one another. He will be faithful to us.

    When we partner with Jesus in the power of Holy Spirit, we will be transformed and enabled to do His will. Yes, this is possible with God. I testify that this is true. He is faithful and loving and true to me. He will do the same for you. Jesus is bigger and stronger and full of more joy than you can hold in! You may have to shout outloud for the joy that feels like an explosion inside of you. It happens to me. It can happen to you.

    May you know the love of God that is so deep and wide and long and high that you shout for joy! Maybe even dance a little.