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  • Two Flowers

    Posted on August 5th, 2011 lula 2 comments

    Which flower do you prefer?

    If you like the gentle elegance of the gladiola, does that make the cactus flower less stunning? If you see the yellow bloom in the midst of thorns as outstanding, does that make the bright orange blossom less exquisite against the green leaves? Are not both flowers created by God? Do not both flowers add beauty to our world? What if the gladiola looked at the cactus flower with envy because that yellow flower bloomed so dramatically among the prickly cactus? What if the cactus flower looked at the gladiola with jealousy because that orange thing seemed to have a gentler, less stressful  life?

    How do we look at one another? How do we see ourselves and our lives?

    Do you accept yourself as God’s precious creation bestowed with special gifts, or do you compare yourself to others, only to conclude you are less?

    Comparing yourself to others may lead to envy, dissatisfaction, and strife. You can reverse this downward spiral when you appreciate your life and gifts. An attitude of thankfulness blesses you and others. A positive outlook will counteract negativity. 

    I pray you will accept yourself as beautiful, endowed with wonderful gifts. You are unique, precious, and beloved in His sight. Jesus died a tortured death on a wooden cross for you. Has anyone done more for you than this? His love for you is faithful and true. Allow Jesus to love you. Get to know the One whose love is everlasting into eternity. You will learn how to love yourself and others out of the overflow of His love blooming in your heart.