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  • Happiness

    Posted on August 3rd, 2010 lula 3 comments


    “May the rest of your days be filled with happiness!” What a wonderful thing for this elderly man to say to me.

    I first noticed him as I rode around the Marina on my bike. He stood out because he was struggling to walk with the assistance of a walker. He was all alone. I thought it would be nice for this man to get encouragement. I wanted him to keep working on walking, to keep trying. By the time I turned around and rode over to him, he was resting on a bench.

    I said hello and told him I noticed he was working very hard to keep moving. I encouraged him by saying that the more he used his body, the stronger he would become. He was not too old to regain his strength. He smiled and began to tell me about himself. He recalled his tour of duty during the Korean War and the buddies, his brothers, that he lost. When I asked him if he knew Jesus, he said yes. He was baptized when he was a Marine on his ship with 10 other men in a make-shift tub.

    A beautiful red dog came sniffing in our direction. I noticed his shinning coat and mentioned it to the man who held the leash. “He didn’t look this way when I rescued him from the pound. All he needed was love,” the man said.  

    “That’s what we all need,” I commented. We all agreed before the man and his dog moved along.

    I asked the ex-Marine if he would like me to pray that God would strengthen him. He happily received prayer in Jesus’ name. Then he blessed me.

    I wonder who received more of a blessing, the man I just prayed for or me.

    My sweet friend Rita asked me just a couple of days ago how I got so bold when I related to her another story of prayer ministry while riding my bike. I told her that I used to be shy, but somewhere along the line, I decided I cared more about God’s will than my own. I started to take risks while trusting in the power of God to bless others.

    You can do it too! Someone I met today wanted me to live the rest of my days in happiness. How wonderful is that!

    I pray for everyone who reads this and wants to begin to bless “new friends.” May  you be filled with the mighty power of His bold love.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. May the rest of your days be filled with happiness. May you know the wonder of the love of Christ.

    Can you tell I love horses?

    Can you tell I love horses?

    Photo taken by Phil Adams in Estes Park, Colorado.