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  • Flying Fish

    Posted on May 18th, 2010 lula 7 comments


    The flying fish breaks through the ocean surface to soar over the waters. In the atmosphere over the waters he glides on the updrafts moving swiftly. He escapes from a predator by transporting himself out of a watery place into another type of environment. In the airy atmosphere he is free from that which desires to devour him.

    A Christian who understands his freedom can also escape from the snare of his enemy by moving into the fly zone. That zone is where Christ is Lord. True freedom comes when we submit to the Lord Jesus and acknowledge His will over ours. The enemy will be left behind when we say, “Yes, Lord!” Oh, the blessings and glory of flying with God! The love, laughter and joy flow freely in the fly zone.

    The fish is an ancient symbol for Christians. Jesus blessed bread and fish to feed multitudes. Peter the apostle started out as a fisherman. Jesus called Peter to become a fisher of men. This picture symbolizes the Christian as a flying fish successfully escaping the snare of the enemy by loving God and doing His will.