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  • The Lion

    Posted on September 21st, 2009 lula 8 comments
    The Lion Sees with His Heart

    The Lion Sees with His Heart

    Jesus is Lord. This Lion symbolizes God’s power and majesty. He sees with His heart. There is also a heart on His back that shows all burdens can be carried with His love. Above Him a graceful bird symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

    Last night I heard the news that my mother was taken to be with Jesus. I will always love my mother. She was so good to me, a gift from the Lord into my life. I ache for her and miss her so very much.

     Jesus, thank you for the gift of my mother’s love. Because of Your victory, I will see her again someday.

    The Lion

    Jesus is the Lion

    of the tribe of Judah

    the root of David,

    the son of God


    His roar a trumpet

    Pointing to victory

    Worthy is He,

    He won



    yet gentle,

    He gives us His Spirit,

    Who sees with His heart