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    Posted on July 17th, 2009 lula 3 comments
    Jesus Heals Hurting Hearts
    Jesus Heals Hurting Hearts


    This picture speaks of the hope that is found in the covenant relationship with Jesus. Out of His suffering, as shown by the red dot in his hand, poured out His blood. But, notice the blood becomes a rainbow that symbolizes His promises to His beloved ones, promises of wholeness and healing.

    There are two hearts in this piece connected by lightning-like blue. This shows two in relationship connected by the revelation of His love.  One heart is orange and yellow showing harvest and worship becoming alive. The other deep blue heart has a tear that is being healed by Jesus. The relationship is being healed.

    Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He healed when He walked on the earth. He still heals today. He will always be the source of healing love.

    Hope for complete restoration and renewal is for you. His shed blood on the cross brings healing.

    The green ribbon symbolizes the peace that only Jesus can give. This peace will heal your heart in the midst of turmoil. Trust in Jesus.

    The red ribbon that wraps all these things together represents music, the sounds from heaven that bring in His presence.

    Jesus’ presence is a melody.

    Do you hear the laughter?

    Do you hear rejoicing and gladness? Sing, dance, and laugh with all the joy that Holy Spirit stirs within you.

    Hope. Found in Him.