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  • Music Festivals include Prophetic Art

    Posted on June 29th, 2009 lula No comments

    Reno Outpouring

    Phil and I will be setting up our Faith Colors prophetic art booth on July 4th at the Momboosa Music Festival on the shores of Lake Almanor in Chester, California. We invite you to come and join in the fun. Check out the website:

    Last Saturday we participated in a music festival in Reno.
    Music, laughter and fellowship were important features of the Reno Outpouring that took place Saturday, June 27 at Wingfield Park in Reno, NV.  A variety of bands led worship and praise bringing the name of Jesus joyfully into the community. River rafters, swimmers, bikers, and people strolling along the river stopped to listen. Davidic dancers moved gracefully with the music and puppeteers entertained with a playful touch. The delightful smell of barbecue filled the air. Expressive worshippers in the audience joined in the fun by dancing and filling the air occasionally with shouts of joy.

    Phil played songs that declared the awesome name of Jesus while I painted a prophetic picture that I named Transformation. The painting speaks of the transformation that takes place in believers by the precious shed blood of Jesus.

    Our booth featured my art and book. We heard many affirming and positive comments from people stopping to admire the inspirational art and learn a little about prophetic art. A new friend, a messianic Jew, noticed my colorful art and shared about the Hebrew alphabet and the rainbow. I heard again that my art is very unique and colorful.

    God’s peace and love fell freely in the park. We opened our booth for prayer too. We prayed for some to be released into prophetic art. One young woman claimed she felt like a new person after prayer in Jesus’ name!  Another felt heat on his back. One said he was shaking less. Others said they felt lighter and better. One young woman was restored to Christ. One world traveler asked many questions about Christianity.  She thanked us after we prayed for her that Jesus would reveal himself to her.

    Special thanks go to Jeni, Rita, Dave, and Janet for helping us, especially by praying with Phil and me for other people. You are amazing!

    Eric and Wendi Moen, you are awesome for making this outpouring in the park possible. We had so much fun!

  • Healing Prayer

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 lula 2 comments

    Elk In Parking Lot, YMCA, Estes Park, CO

    Phil observed this wild elk strolling through the parking lot at the YMCA at Estes Park, CO. Shortly after returning from Colorado, as I pushed my groceries to my car through the parking lot at Trader Joes, a young man came over to me.

    He wanted me to buy a sun catcher. He talked about God and how the money would go to a good cause. I gave him a donation and he noticed my cross.

    “I got it in Israel,” I said and added that I saw God move miraculously while there. I noticed his thumb was in a brace.

    “What happened to your thumb?” I asked.

    “I had surgery on it,” he told me. It still bothered him. Sometimes opportunities just find me.

    “Would you like me to pray for it in Jesus’ name?” He agreed. So I prayed.

    “It feels lighter,” he commented.

    I told him Jesus prayed more than once in the Bible. I prayed again. He poked at his thumb saying, “This used to hurt, but it doesn’t now.”

    Isn’t God good!

    Hurting people are everywhere around us. Have you ever seen someone who needed a touch from God and you wanted to impart that touch in Jesus’ name? Well, you can! All it takes is openness to the Holy Spirit for direction and a bit of boldness. Okay, maybe a lot of boldness. Jesus can impart boldness to you. Just ask Him.

     Do you have a story to share about praying for someone in public?