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  • Destiny

    Posted on March 24th, 2009 lula 2 comments


    “What do you think his name is?” I asked Phil.

    “Destiny,” he stated without hesitation.

    So, his name is Destiny. Inside his belly there are hearts that represent dreams waiting to burst forth into a new creative venture. First he must put away the old, then move forward into the new. The plan God set forth for him before the beginning of time is about to be birthed. The call on his life is sparked with God’s fire. He will go forth to fulfill his call to serve the living God, very soon.

    Do your dreams crave fulfillment? Is there something old you need to put aside so that you are free to step into the new adventure that is waiting for you?


  • Blessings in Jesus!

    Posted on March 1st, 2009 lula 4 comments

    Burney Falls

    Why Pictures?

    Did you ever wonder about God when you gazed into the colors of the sunset? Have you looked into cascading waters flowing out of rocks and seen a rainbow? Did you want to capture that beauty and hold on to it for later?

    I always enjoyed doing art as a child and continued to do art as an adult. As a teacher of elementary students I enjoyed weaving art into as many academic subjects as possible. My Master’s degree in education was focused on using the creative arts in learning. I think words are wonderful, but sometimes they just feel flat. Art takes you deeper into words. My students made dioramas to illustrate their book reports. I wrote Science word definitions on the board, and then drew pictures to illustrate the meaning of the definitions. We went to nursing homes at Christmas time and sang Christmas carols. Using the arts was a part of my teaching style. It still is.  

    Learning is more than memorizing. Learning is seeing.

    Prophetic art can help you see God’s word.

    Step into another place with me where colors reflect God’s truth and beauty. Step into the world of prophetic art.  Allow art to speak to you about His truth using colors and shapes. Let art warm your heart with God’s love.