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  • I Am With You

    Posted on September 24th, 2013 lula 2 comments

    Two burros affectionately face one another. The older one on the right promises to be with the younger to love, protect and guide him. The younger one shows his acceptance of this love  by bowing his head. Look for the winged creatures in their faces and find the heart in each one. Winged creatures represent the presence of God. The hearts represent the love of God that endures forever. This prophetic art piece illustrates close relationship with our heavenly Father. We can trust Him to be with us and help us when we humbly bow and accept His love.

    A word from the Lord about prophetic art:

    It is a way to bring heaven to earth…

    To plant seeds of faith through vision…

    It shows my face to the world. Just as music touches the soul, art reaches into the soul and stirs my love and mercy.

    Prophetic art is done in union with me, and my blessings shine forth from it. It speaks to the heart, where I dwell. In prophetic art, I connect with the artist who produces a good work, a good deed in art. What is a good deed but a demonstration of my love? My art is a demonstration of my love, an expression of mercy and grace.

    Let me stir my answer in your art.

    Let me stir passion in you.

    Let worship come from deep places in your heart. To praise God’s glory is to spark life into you. To use art to express worship is to share worship. Sing into art and watch it stir up living water.


  • He Goes Before You

    Posted on May 20th, 2013 lula 4 comments


    The Almighty Holy God is a consuming fire!

    A light that can never be extinguished and never was lit.

    Existing before time,

    Creating in love with a mighty gentle hand.

    He leads us with unfailing, faithful love

    Into hope.

    Hope is a sparkling star whose light is beyond measure

    An anchor that keeps us from drifting aimlessly.

    Hope takes us on a journey through the storm

    Beyond our imagination

    To the peaceful shore.


    Hope leads us into His eternal promises.


    Keep your eyes on Jesus, the hope of the nations.

    He goes before you.