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  • No Fear in Love

    Posted on July 17th, 2013 lula No comments

    I once watched a little girl, about 4 years old, approach her father as he was preaching. In front of many people she walked right up to him. He gently patted her on the head and continued to speak. She moved quietly to a nearby table where some ladies with jellybeans sat. She reached out to get some, but some of the candy slipped through her little hands. Other hands quickly grabbed up the spilled treasure and put them back into her hands. She went back to her seat and enjoyed those jellybeans.

    Can you approach your heavenly Father like a little child who trusts His love?

    My picture illustrates this concept so well. The stallion is strong and powerful. An enemy needs to back off when he postures and walks out with his head held high and his muscles flexed. His confidence radiates from his presence. He is always ready and capable of protecting the  foal from all enemies. Yet, his young one snuggles up to him in complete comfort because he knows his father is gentle too. He has no fear. He easily comes close and feels secure. He can lean into his father.

    Early in my Christian walk, I was taught about the fear of God. My response to this teaching was to be afraid of Him. Can you confidently and boldly approach a Father who scares you?  Will you see Him as someone who wants to protect you? I was also taught to read the Bible. I came across some verses that spoke of God as love, and that there was no fear in love. I read these words over and over. The words began to penetrate  my soul. I learned to trust my heavenly Father. I have come to know through my experience that He is awesome, yet approachable and safe. When I sing His praises and worship Him, I mean it.  I know Him as the One who has rescued me, whose everlasting faithful love is trustworthy.

    God is love… There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear. So then love has not been made perfect in anyone who is afraid, because fear has to do with punishment (1 John 16b-18 GNT).

    I can lean on my heavenly Father in complete security.

    So can you. Jesus proved His love. He died for you… and rose again!

    Get to know Him. He is wonderful!

    I photographed this stallion and his foal in June of 2013. The Lord spoke to me through this picture of his strength and gentleness.

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  • The Righteous One

    Posted on April 29th, 2013 lula 2 comments

    The Righteous One comes to destroy the works of the enemy. Clearly this horse is determined and will never fall back as shown on his facial expression. Everlasting songs are sung continuously in heaven and on earth with a shout of joy to tell of His valiant loyalty, faithfulness, and pure goodness. Those who follow Him with their whole heart testify boldly of His ability to rescue them when they are downtrodden, helpless, and hopeless. With a word of truth spoken in love He moves with purpose to rescue His beloved. He releases His power as it connects with the banner of prayer in faith.  The enemy’s works are truly shattered in the presence of God.

    Do you realize who is for you? Who can be against you?

    As you look at this courageous horse, what do you see?

  • Love and Faithfulness

    Posted on October 16th, 2012 lula 10 comments

    Love and faithfulness will meet;

    righteousness and peace will embrace.

    Human loyalty will reach up from the earth

    and God’s righteousness will look down from heaven (GNT).

    The wonderful meeting these words foretold was fulfilled in Christ. He faithfully loved and obeyed our heavenly Father through the agony of sacrifice all the way to the cross.  Jesus rose from the dead to receive glory, honor, and power. Jesus is the author of  Christian faith. To those who will believe, He gives truth, freedom from sin, and a new blessed life.

    The horse on the left is a stallion and the one on the right is a mare. The stallion represents Jesus and the mare is His bride, the church. One of her eyes is hidden by her hair because her vision is beyond the natural world.

    Jesus calls us to love God and one another. Love cannot survive without faithfulness. Let us be faithful to God and one another. He will be faithful to us.

    When we partner with Jesus in the power of Holy Spirit, we will be transformed and enabled to do His will. Yes, this is possible with God. I testify that this is true. He is faithful and loving and true to me. He will do the same for you. Jesus is bigger and stronger and full of more joy than you can hold in! You may have to shout outloud for the joy that feels like an explosion inside of you. It happens to me. It can happen to you.

    May you know the love of God that is so deep and wide and long and high that you shout for joy! Maybe even dance a little.



  • Found in Glory

    Posted on February 7th, 2012 lula 4 comments

    I stood quietly taking pictures in the midst of a band of wild horses that grazed on the side of a mountain.  Suddenly, I noticed a stirring and dust flying in the distance, near the creek below. I hurried to move toward what I expected to be another band of horses. As I got closer, I stopped to look. Out of the dust I spotted a beautiful roan stallion running toward me. I seized this opportunity and counted on my camera to capture all the action. The creek was full of water and the leaves all around were a bright green, a beautiful background for him. He ran toward me and stopped about 50 feet in front of me where a palomino mare and her lovely foal stood. He stared straight at me with nostrils flared, his eyes intense, and his ears pointed. He nudged the mare to move, but she just kicked him with her hind legs. I loved it. I did not intimidate her, nor did he. She wasn’t moving, and neither was I, at first.

    He ran again and I shot pictures that showed off his love of freedom. When he returned, he gazed intently at me again. He did this several times while I joyfully captured him in his glory. Then, I actually noticed that when he stopped in front of me, each time he was getting closer and closer. Oh! I felt a chill run through me when I realized he was challenging me. I threw a small rock in his direction thinking that perhaps this would startle him enough to distract him. He didn’t budge. I tried again. Nothing. Okay. I began to back off slowly. We both relaxed and moved on.

    I have named him Challenger.  I love the bold courage he displayed.

    I painted him in acrylics. This painting is called, Found in Glory. He is a flying horse.

    Challenger represents Christ in me, through whom I can do all things. The enemy must back off when I stand and believe.


    If you are interested in purchasing a print of anything on this site, just email me for more information


  • Igniting Love

    Posted on November 13th, 2011 lula 12 comments

    Love that is constant, good, and faithful flows from heaven to fill us up by the power of Holy Spirit in my latest prophetic art piece, Igniting Love.

    I am astounded as I meditate on the qualities of God. Revelations of His goodness are changing my  life. When I watched The Passion of the Christ again last year, I was amazed.  No one on this earth would suffer such torment for me, but Jesus did. As I go through my greatest challenge, divorced after 39 years of marriage, I am stunned by God’s faithful walk with me… through everything.  My life has changed, but Jesus is still the same. He never leaves me; I can lean into Him for strength; He stands with me through every storm and heartache. I am experiencing His presence and joy through the pain. He  always has time to listen. I especially need His encouragement to hold onto his blood-stained hand as He cleanses my heart and heals my soul. My Jesus is gentle. Right now, I need gentle. Jesus is a real person that I can trust and believe in. He is my truth and my love.

    Do you expect God to hold you, heal you, and lead you? What if stepping into His footsteps leads to unknown territory? New ground can feel so  very strange. I am learning how to let go and flow with the wind of the Spirit as I follow Jesus.

    I fully intended to draw normal horse legs as I worked on this picture, but he turned into a supernatural flying horse who moves without earth-bound restrictions, completely full with so much love that he overflows. Joy spins around him. When I showed Igniting Love for the first time at an art & craft fair, a young boy, who appeared to be about 8 years old, looked, and then quietly tugged on his father to return to my booth. I saw him whisper into his father’s ear.  I sold my first print of this fantastic horse to them.

    Use your imagination. Can you see the possibilities of such powerful love flowing in your life?