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  • New Birth in Flight

    Posted on February 28th, 2013 lula No comments


    The Lord gave me this prophetic picture for the year 2013.
    This year will be awesome for Christians. New exciting ministries will be
    birthed, launched, and set into motion in HIS LOVE!

    This picture flies! Winged creatures represent the presence of God.

    For those Believers who have been searching
    earnestly for more of His presence and peace, this is the year when the
    adventure with Jesus takes wings and flies. Be ready to receive a new anointing
    from heaven to bring excitement and peace into your life and into the lives of
    any who long to receive MORE of HIM! The Lord is releasing a new thing into our
    hearts! This is not a time to withdraw or just decide to stand back and watch.
    It is a time to press into Him with more courage and boldness than ever before.
    He is waiting for a signal from you to ignite His fire and release His
    anointing for new things, more freedom, more joy, more of Him in everyday life.
    The body of Christ will be the place where fun happens. Jesus will be taking
    many of His children on new adventures with Him! Lives will be changed! Hearts
    will be ignited with a fresh love for Jesus and brethren!

    Fresh fervent love for Jesus is just a will away.

    Let your will be His will.

    Come, Lord Jesus, come!


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  • Flying Foal

    Posted on November 29th, 2011 lula 4 comments

    Transition, going from one place to another, involves leaps of faith.

    This young foal was responding to the lead stallion who signaled to his herd that it was time to move on. Racing to keep up with the herd, he seemed to forget for a moment why he ran.  The sheer pleasure of feeling the wind in his hair seemed to take over. Suspended in the air between here and there, his destination no longer was as important as running. Free from the restriction of gravity, for a moment of time, he flies.

    As I make the transition from married to single in my heart, sometimes I want to be healed already and more actively doing His work. I want to catch up, like this foal. But, this picture reminds me that where I am now, in the loving arms of Jesus, is so good, so very sweet and intimate. I am flying at this moment, enjoying my rest in Jesus and discovering how much He loves me. I am gaining strength. I am following and I will arrive. The stallion will not leave the foal behind. His main job is to protect and guard the herd, especially the young foals. I know Jesus is with me in transition. Never will I leave you or forsake you, He promises in the Bible. I trust this word written for me. Leaps of faith…

    If you look closely at the picture, you can see a little bird in front of the foal’s legs. The bird seems to be leading the way. Jesus promised that Holy Spirit will guide us. How did this little bird show up in my picture?

    A prophetic word for us in transition, Find the joy in transition. I am with you to lead you and protect you. Yes, you can fly!