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Prophetic Art and Faith
with Lula Adams

Welcome to Faith Colors, my website that promotes faith in Jesus Christ through creativity.

What is prophetic art? Find out here.

I am in love with Jesus. I love revival and experiencing God's awesome presence in personal and corporate worship. I flow with the power of Holy Spirit in worship
to encounter God's love as I do prophetic art. The pictures I produce release messages that bring encouragement, peace, and hope from the heart of God.

The colors of the rainbow are a cornerstone of my prophetic artwork. I use brilliant colors and images that are alive with movement. Whimsical horses, lively birds, and playful strokes of color bring the images and messages of heaven to earth.

I also teach prophetic art both in person and online to activate people who want to create art in God's presence.

I invite you to explore the significance of color in relationship to living faith in my book, Faith Colors, Encounters with God in Living Faith.

Transformation Electric Lion

Come and look at faith through the meanings of the colors of the rainbow.

Enjoy your life in Jesus.